About EBCrotors.com

Why would anyone want to get into the business of selling brakes where most every year make model vehicle needs a different part number? It's got to be one of the most difficult categories in the automotive aftermarket.

Well, In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the automobile factories and aftermarket companies were producing vehicles with higher performance and better handling. But as vehicles got quicker on the straights and in the turns, their brakes still weren't up to the task of bringing them down from speed, lap after lap with consistency. In the aftermarket, the options were limited, but there was a growing brake performance movement starting with drilling rotors, playing with compounds, fluids, switching calipers, upgrading rotors and more.

At the time, I was as a Marketing Director and working with a world-renowned tuner and factory race driver who specialized in both IMSA and off-road racing and he won more than his fair share of individual races and championships. Having myself been to many endurance and sprint races in the ' 80s and ' 90s, once of the weakest performance links on the racecars seemed to always be the brakes. Even when we produced project cars that editors deemed worthy of cover shots on respected publications at the time like Road & Track and Motor Trend magazines, we began to make sure we delivered those project vehicles to the technical editors with at least some mild "brake tuning" enhancements. Over time, those mild brake enhancements developed into full-fledged big bolt-on brake kits. Now we were making both news and setting records for shortest stopping distances.

To me, it was like a new category of performance was being born. It was one of the very last areas of high performance that had yet to be properly developed and presented to automotive enthusiasts and racers. Some of the race teams were already on this path, including the Nissan factory IMSA team who our company founder at the time worked for. Working with him and meeting brake systems engineers, I was able to participate in the development and testing of bolt-on brake kits and upgrades. I was given the responsibility to develop all marketing materials and also build a new company division around the high performance brake category. We knew the magazines were excited about the development, but bringing the product to market was the real test.

So as we motor past years 2018 and beyond, my passion for brakes is as strong as ever (strange as it may be) and hence the formation of EBCrotors.com. It is our newest e-commerce store devoted to taking one very good brand of brake components and making it easy to find the exact brake pad compound and rotor you'll need to suit the needs of the vehicle(s) you drive. EBC the company (based in England) has a huge race winning heritage and is known for its vast selection of brake pad compounds and rotor configurations. We are proud to work closely with them to share their terrific solutions to meet your vehicle's braking needs.

Our entire staff is devoted to making your EBCrotors.com (a division of APP AutoDNA, LLC) purchases a great experience and we invite you to participate in our product reviews and tell it like it is. Please tell a friend.

John Butler
Managing Director, EBCrotors.com

40 Year Automotive Aftermarket Industry Veteran.